The Arrival

A smokescreen covers your path towards the outskirts of the great kingdom of Chakkor, the cathedral being the only thing clearly visible. During your travels, you sense the great shadow, watching your every step. As you approach the cathedral entrance, loud chanting can be heard within as the Archbishop prepares his flock for battle...


Choose your class

Templar Class


The Templar is the anchor of any group of adventurers, providing leadership and protection for their allies. Combining durable armor with the divine power of the gods, Templars can remain standing after absorbing substantial amounts of physical damage from their enemies.

Defiler Class


The Defiler is a priest of corruption and spiritual enslavement. A powerful ally, Defilers are able to mend wounds and remove ailments from the afflicted. Fearsome in battle, Defilers employ ancient rituals of dark power to sicken, harm and reduce the fighting prowess of the enemy.

Invoker Classr


The Invoker can unleash the purest forms of destruction by harnessing the arcane magic of fire and ice. Channeling the full force of these elements into deadly focus, no other type of mage is able to match their ability to inflict such great devastation upon a single target.



The Dirge plays songs of despair, misery and lamentation that invoke intense fury and aggression within the hearts of their allies. The Dirge can use music to inflict great hopelessness in enemies, demoralizing them so completely that their abilities are significantly diminished.

Define your ethos

Will you unleash your revenge, protect the innocent or play one side against the other? Decide your ethos and help shape the future of the world.